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IV Infusion Price List

Myer's Cocktail


Immune Boost, Reduces Fatigue, Sports Performance Enhancement, Combats Hangovers

The Cure All

Immune Boost, Anti-aging, Metabolism Enhancement, Fights Fatigue and Brain Fog, Enhances Bloodflow and Circulation


Burn fat, Boost energy and metabolism, athletic performance enhancement

Gitty Up Bag

Energy Boost, Athletic Performance Enhancement

Super Immunity 

Immune Boost, Fights Fatigue, enhances Bloodflow and Circulation

Turn Back Time


Fights wrinkles, tired skin and acne, Promotes hair and nail growth



Hydrates, Boosts Immunity, Combats Fatigue



Hydrates, eases nausea and hangover symptoms

Super Bag


(Boosts Immunity, Decreases recovery time, enhances sports performance, Hydrates, Boosts Energy)

 Hangover Plus


Alleviates Hangover symptoms with hydration, nausea and pain management

Add Ons

Additional $35

(For energy, weight management, manage high blood pressure and Diabetes)

Glutathione | Arginine | B-12 | Carnitine | Magnesium | CoQ10 | Calcium | Thiamine | L-Lysine | Zinc | Amino Acids | Vitamin C | Toradol | Alpha Lopic Acid | Biotin

IV Infusion Therapy can be tailored to meet your specific vitamin, nutrient and symptom needs. There are many add ons to the specialty bag that can meet your needs.Call to make an appointment for free consultation.

Other Services Offered


$249 – $349 per session

(The amount and length of sessions depends on each client. A consultation appointment is needed formulate a care plan)

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment in which tiny micro-fine needles puncture the skin to trigger the body’s wound healing process, stimulating collagen and elastin production. Microneedling also allows hydrating serums to reach deeper into the skin in order to work more effectively.

Medically Supervised Weight Management

$75 Consultation
Care plan will be developed according to the needs of the client at the time of initial consultation. We offer both intramuscular injections and oral medications.


Cleansing Facial


Skin Hydration Facial


Anti-Aging Facial


Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Do you have low T? Do you suffer from low sex drive, fewer spontaneous erections, erectile dysfunction, trouble sleeping, unusual loss of muscle or bone density, brain fog or unexplained weight gain? Then TRT could be for you. Schedule a free consultation to discuss best option for your replacement needs.


Call for pricing and schedule your appointment today. Home Botox parties also available. Call for more information.

House calls

Want to get a few friends together for appetizers and a little IV Hydration or BOTOX party? Bachelor/Bachlorette party planned and need morning after hydration? Have flu, covid, chronic disease process and don’t want to leave your house but need hydration and nutrients? Home parties and Concierge appointments will be scheduled. There will be a $25-$50 fee for Concierge services, depending on the travel distance.

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